Javier Buceta Fernandez


Lehigh University, USA

I graduated in Physics (M.Sc. Fundamental Physics). In addition, I have a M.Sc. degree as Computer Analyst. During my Ph.D. thesis (Physics: ‘Fluctuations in Spatially Extended Systems’), I researched on pattern formation, molecular motors, interfacial dynamics, and phase transitions. Within that period, I performed research stays in different institutions such as the Institute for Scientific Interchange (Italy) and the University of Limburgs (Belgium).

Afterwards, I moved to the University of California San Diego (UCSD), Dept. of Chem. and Biochem. and the Institute for Nonlinear Science, where I joined Prof. Lindenberg’s group and worked on pattern formation, population dynamics, disease spreading, granular matter, stochastic processes, and tumor growth. Later on, I was granted by La Jolla Interfaces in Science (LJIS)/Centre for Theoretical Biological Physics programme (Burroughs Wellcome Fund) to conduct research on ‘Pattern Formation and Left-Right Symmetry Breaking in Embryo Development’ at Salk Institute for Biological Studies/UCSD.

In November 2004 I moved to the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) as a “Ramón y Cajal” (RyC) research fellow (P.I. of TheSiMBioSys Group). In 2014 I accepted a position as Associate Professor at Lehigh University (Dpt. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) within the Bioengineering Program. My research is focused on System Biology and Biophysical approaches to a number of problems of the biological realm, in particular Biomechanics, collective cell behavior and 2D active matter.