Open Readings 2017

Dear Colleagues,

we invite You to the international conference for students of physics and natural sciences – Open Readings 2017, which will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 14-17th of March, 2017.

The deadline for registration is 3rd of February. Participants can take part in oral and poster sessions presenting on extensive range of topics. Participation is free of charge. Do not hesitate – register now!

Conference programme consist of oral and poster sessions on extensive range of topics, social events and amazing invited speakers:

  • Xi-Cheng Zhang, University of Rochester, USA
  • Nobel laureate Ben Feringa, University of Groningen, Netherlands
  • Philip Russell, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Germany
  • John Ellis, King’s College London, United Kingdom; CERN
  • Michael Grätzel, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Naomi Halas, Rice University, USA
  • Two more speakers will be announced soon

We believe that such experience is essential for students, especially for those who are seeking a career in science. Our conference is open for any enthusiastic student from all over the world. This year we will gather more than 300 presenters – be one of them!

Please forward this letter and its attachments to the adequate departments and students representatives. We also encourage you to place the attached invitation as a poster on your institution’s notice boards.

For more information please visit: